Science: A Candle In The Dark

A podcast about the wonders of the universe and how science helps us illuminate our lives by discovering them together. A conversation about science as a creative activity at the heart of human culture. An attempt to bring science out of the ivory tower laboratory into the cafes and pubs and streets to be part of our cultural discourse.


Science: A Candle In The Dark
Episode 2
24 February 2015
Host: Dr. Madhusudan Katti
Guest: Dr. Mara Brady
Commentary: Dr. Paul Crosbie

Topic: Earth sciences and the insights we have gained into the history of our planet including the evolution of life leading up to our own species. In a wide ranging discussion, Dr. Brady talks about the tools used to study the age of rocks and of the earth itself, about the history of the earth sciences, especially over the past century, and how we geology can provide a broader perspective on larger scales of space and time to help us understand our current challenges such as climate change. She then discusses the challenges of conducting research and teaching about the earth in a political climate where even presidential candidates and elected representatives in government deny the value of science and dismiss earth sciences as not a hard science. The interview with Dr, Brady is followed by a commentary by Dr. Crosbie on a rediscovered fossil of a beaked whale that got stranded in East Africa and how it now helps us reconstruct our own evolutionary story.


Science: A Candle In The Dark
Episode 1
24 February 2015
Host: Dr. Madhusudan Katti
Guest: Dr. Doug Singleton
Topic: Particle fever: its a particle zoo inside that atom! What do we know about the structure of matter at the most fundamental level? Theoretical physicist Doug Singleton explains our current understanding of subatomic particles and the recent excitement over the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle.

For more information:
Watch Particle Fever, the wonderful documentary about the Higgs discovery, now available to rent or own via various media streaming services.
Email our host or Prof. Singleton if you have any follow-up questions.


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